The Top 3 Elements of Your Cannabis Dispensary brand identity

August 5th, 2022Blog

The Top 3 Elements of Your Cannabis Dispensary brand identity

We live in a world surrounded by brands. Our world is full of businesses that successfully build brands and attract the right customers. Your branding efforts are essential for a successful cannabis business. Your dispensary won’t stand out among your competitors in the eyes of consumers if it doesn’t have a strong brand.

Your brand vision should be displayed in everything, from the environment you create in your store to the photos and videos on social media to the copy on your website. Compliance designs are just as important as legal ones. This article will address three key elements of your dispensary brand identity. It also covers everything you need to know in order to stay within the law.

What is a Brand?

Your brand is the multifaceted expression of your company. It describes how a person, company, or organization is perceived by others. It is more than a company’s visual identity, or even its name. It is the instantly recognizable feeling that a product or business creates.

Simply put, brands can be described as perceptions.

All elements of interaction with a customer include logos, color palettes and typography. These elements must be created accurately and thoroughly to allow your ideal customer to find you and to feel connected with you.

For cannabis brands, you may consider questions like:

  • What do experienced cannabis consumers think about my products and business?
  • What are first-time customers’ perceptions of my digital assets and store?
  • What does my brand and packaging look like to children? What would they consider ‘enticing? (The answer is no.

Designing a brand identity for cannabis

Your brand identity is what defines you as a cannabis company. Your brand identity is what you bring to the table. It’s often the key factor in how you got started in the cannabis industry. You should be able answer questions about your business’ personality if you could imagine it as a person. Is your business relatable and fun, or professional and educational? Are you friendly and approachable, or are you authoritative and caring?

These attributes will help you make informed decisions about your business. Your brand identity is essential to crafting a successful cannabis brand strategy. This includes your brand voice and messaging as well as your visual identity across all channels. These elements are crucial when it comes to cannabis. It is important to understand the regulations for designing a logo. Numerous states have banned signage and logos that reference cannabis or cannabis-related products.

Check your state’s requirements before you begin the design process. This will allow you to create a brand identity that is consistent with your business values and aligns with your audience. It can be difficult to create a logo that communicates the type of business you run without using cannabis. However, there are many professionals in the industry that can help you achieve this goal and work with you to create something unique.

Interior design for dispensary

Customers who visit dispensaries will be most impressed by the in-store experience. Customers can see your products and feel the atmosphere you create in-store.

Your brand is a big part of your cannabis business.

You can further refine this depending on the type of dispensary that you run: recreational or medical. Medical dispensary customers, for example, want to feel secure and confident ordering their medicinal marijuana. Because they use cannabis for their health and well-being, they often seek out savings and quicker access to the products. Therefore, medical dispensaries should strive to create a feeling of comfort.

Recreational users are more adventurous. They are more open to trying new strains and different products. It is not possible to build a loyalty to a dispensary. Businesses need to be competitive as cannabis legalization continues in more states. This can be achieved by thoughtful interior design, physical space and store playlists. A strong brand identity can establish trust and help you differentiate your business from others by connecting with customers who share your values.

In-Store Branding: Action

A dispensary’s long-term success depends on its customers’ in-store experience. There are more dispensaries popping up selling the same products at a lower price. This is why the in-store experience will make a difference in whether a customer chooses one or another. It is crucial to understand how the dispensary works and how they feel. This is what will make them feel connected and keep them coming back for more.

Media can elevate your cannabis brand

Images and videos, for both traditional and digital media assets, are crucial to elevate the brand experience. Greg Rapp, menu engineer, found that one photo per page can increase sales by as much as 30% for a particular menu item. Similar results can be seen in fast-food and quick-serve restaurants. Customers are drawn to screens that have product images and list of menu items when they decide what to order.

This research speaks to consumers’ preferences in using images to evaluate products. In-store screen marketing is a great way to encourage customers to buy cannabis products from a brick-and mortar location. Your brand can provide intelligent and responsive experiences to customers via in-store screens. This will allow you to engage with them digitally, adapt to their behavior and support your store associates.

High-quality video and photography assets can be used in addition to the in-store experience. E-commerce businesses can use video in a number of ways, including by using it as a marketing tool. YouTube and other manufacturer sites can share your video. Customers who are on the fence about purchasing a product can be encouraged to make a video explaining it and showing how users use it (30-60 seconds).

Video marketing is a growing trend and brands need to take advantage of it in order to stay relevant with customers.

Design & Strategy for a Winner in Cannabis Brand Strategy

Your dispensary brand is what keeps customers coming back to you, as you can see. Our creative team can help you get through the noise to keep customers coming back.