about Us

About Us

Ever wondered what makes some brands sell more and have better penetration than others in the online market? It’s not really about the quality of the products they sell but the presentation. Your website must be appealing and easy to navigate- that makes it easy for Google to rank you at the top, and therefore you’ve high traffic, thus more conversions.

CBD Webdesigners are specialist in CBD web designs who will help build a website that will satisfy your marketing needs and give you a competitive edge among other brands in the market. We want your audience to get a complete picture of what you offer and the benefits they get from your CBD products. For the best deals, our team of experts will develop e-Commerce stores with different set-ups.

Our Values

Data-driven Approach

We make all of our decisions based on data and analytics. We continuously test and iterate to ensure that we are making the best possible choices for our projects.


We focus on achieving the best results for our clients in the most efficient way. This is possible thanks to the great professionalism of our team and strict adherence to the company values.


Everyone in our team is highly proactive and understands their responsibilities in the project. We make balanced decisions based on our experience and the data.


MjSeo’s team members are constantly developing and improving our skills, tools, and processes. This helps us to become more effective and perfect our work.

Respect for Diversity

We treat every client with respect and understanding. We also trust each other and our clients and are willing to hear your honest feedback anytime.


We work quickly and accurately. Not only that, but we never keep our partners and clients waiting and value their time as much as ours. Likewise, we are ready to make decisions fast and be flexible to achieve the best results.

Оur Аchievements

Canabis Companies

are satisfied with our cooperation. Reviews can be read on clutch.


experience in our parent company. We have something to rely on.


are in our team. We have only highly qualified specialists.


were successfully completed. We have something to be proud of.