So how do you do this?

CBD Branding is not easy; you’ve to play around with creating a brand that will navigate through the CBD stigma and convince them that CBD products are not all about THC.

Many people associate cannabis with societal degenerates and criminals. Now you’re telling them to view that “illegal drug” which has benefits.

We’ve a team of experts who understand the benefits of CBD, the latest research findings and the legality of these products. They will design for you something that’s appealing while paying attention to the guidelines on advertisement by different states.

Our goal when doing CBD branding is to demonstrate the benefits of your products using the right message and visuals.

We also deal with the general difficulties of branding. We know how to present your company in the best light, letting everyone know your brand and motivate them to do business with you.

How you handle graphics in your design determines the kind of customers you attract and our designers are keen to ensure that your logo, store décor, social media presence are on point and perfectly optimized. We know what can make or break your branding strategy; the color scheme, typography, and use of banded materials.

Normalizing the product

Normalizing the product

Customers have hang-ups about CBD but the fact is it’s legal, medically effective and healthy. To convince your customers that way, you have to treat your CBD branding like any other product. If you want to demonstrate CBD’s medicinal value, do it like any other critical medicine. That will distance it from other “recreational drugs”.

Combating negative stereotypes using brand values and relatable narratives

Combating negative stereotypes using brand values and relatable narratives

The professionalism expected in a pharmaceutical company is what you need to maintain in a CBD brand design. Your business ethics must be in full display and play up your brand values to show how serious you are. We will get some relatable stories and brand narratives on how your company was founded. That makes your CBD brand endeared to the customers and a thus a great and effective way to get close and personal with the ones who have some negative attitude toward CBD.

Medical Vs Recreational

Medical Vs Recreational

We understand that you can’t be everything and when it comes to CBD products, you’re either doing medical cannabis or recreational. If your products are leaning on the medical side of cannabis, we focus on that in your branding and bring it out in the best appealing way possible.

This is how we do it

There’s always an overriding problem when it comes to CBD and that is normalizing and legitimizing the products. However, CBD branches off from the rest, we consider a few nuances.

The CBD Logo

This is the face of your CBD brand and it has to express your brand’s essence while communicating what products you’re offering through the graphics, color, shape and types. Your CBD logo should reflect it perfectly at a glance.

We look at your brand personality and design the best shapes, colors, fonts for your CBD logo design.  We utilize rounded lines, brighter and warmer colors and hand-drawn imperfections. Our designers understand how to merge brand values and brand message, turn them to a logo that summarizes your brand.

Most importantly, we know the place “color green” holds in the CBD industry; it brings out the natural and ecological properties while reminiscing the plant itself. For a lifestyle focus, we’ll set your products apart from the crowd through the use of bright and luminous colors.

CDB Webdesigner is the company to go for when you want your CBD Company to stand out as a strong brand. Do not go for less when it comes to branding- we are the solution.

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