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May 10th, 2022Blog

Hemp Digital Marketing Services

Since the 2018 US Farm Bill was passed and legalized industrial hemp, the cannabis industry has seen a boom. As people discover the benefits of CBD oils and other CBD merchandise, many businesses have entered this battle to offer unique CBD products. This is a very competitive market and there are many CBD brands competing for your business.

How can CBD producers market their products despite the limitations in this new avenue of marketing that was just approved? How can they beat the competition? You can distinguish your CBD business from the rest by using a different marketing strategy. This plan will help you attract your audience and turn them into loyal customers. This article provides a comprehensive overview of CBD marketing strategies. This article will help you identify the most important issues that you need to address in order for CBD / Cannabis/ Hemp marketing to be successful.

Why is CBD/Cannabis/Hemp Digital Marketing Important?

Hemp Digital Marketing, unlike broadcast and print, allows CBD companies to track data in real time and calculate the ROI for every digital marketing medium. Digital marketing can be used by cannabis dispensaries to reach consumers and adjust their marketing strategy, which is something traditional marketing does not offer. A proven marketing strategy is essential when you consider the competition. Here are some winning strategies.

Make an engaging website

The website of your CBD business is the first impression. Your website must be visually appealing. Content marketing can increase confidence in your CBD business. Clients will be attracted to a dynamic, interactive website. This not only enhances your brand image but also improves your SEO rankings. To be able to market yourself in the CBD industry and build a loyal customer base, you need to engage clients after you have implemented the right SEO strategies and marketing campaigns to bring them to your site.

Create a Strategic SEO Plan

It is crucial to identify the keywords that should be targeted in any SEO plan. Your website structure must be simple and easy to comprehend for search engines. A general term such as CBD edibles is the best choice for any CBD company. However, broad phrases are not effective primary keywords due to the high competition for these searches. SEO is an effective strategy for increasing brand awareness and attracting people to your site, where they will ultimately buy. Because of numerous state restrictions on marketing, SEO is more important for CBD.

Focus on Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the use of social media to connect with consumers and promote your brand. It also generates sales and site traffic. You need to maintain a consistent social media presence to reach new customers and to keep existing connections. It is difficult to market CBD through social media. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google have banned marketing related to CBD. Check out our Ultimate guide to CBD marketing.

Get the most out of email marketing?

Another great way to market CBD is via email. Email marketing is an affordable way to market CBD. It’s also less expensive than other online marketing strategies. Email marketing is a great way to connect with customers, promote your products, and grow your customer base.

Utilize Influencer Marketing

Your CBD Company has a great opportunity to build a community and increase exposure in the CBD community through influencers. To increase visibility, you can hire influencers to write about your company. Next, create your brand’s own feed using the same information. The informed advice and support of CBD users on social media allows consumers to find out about their CBD plans. You can reach your target audience by collaborating with people in this space without the need for traditional paid advertising.

How do you calculate ROI?

The ROI is a measure of the effectiveness of client initiatives and a way to assess the campaign’s success. Digital marketing gives businesses more control over who gets their ads, which allows them to spend less on people who aren’t interested in buying. Digital advertising can also be very effective in generating meaningful leads that can then be used for remarketing operations. This transforms your marketing budget into a way to create long-term brand advocates.

The Challenges of CBD/Cannabis Marketing

These are the major hurdles to CBD marketing via digital platforms:

A Complex and Ever-Changing Legal Environment

Dispensaries are not allowed to sell their products online due to laws that vary from one state to the next.

Advertising Restrictions

Agency collaboration with CBD-related businesses is not always possible due to legal issues and stigma. Publications that are willing to run CBD-related ads will also be affected. Additionally, Google and Facebook are not accessible to CBD advertising. These two mainstays for small businesses with low marketing costs are often inaccessible.

High Interest Rates

Like any new market, cannabis firms need financing to finance future growth. Because of their fragile legal status, cannabis businesses are not able to access the same financial services as other businesses. This makes it more expensive and difficult to raise finance. However, these prices have become more affordable due to low borrowing rates in recent years. The sector could face additional problems soon after the Federal Reserve announced that it plans to increase interest rates.

Associated Stigma

Society is slowly accepting cannabis as a normal drug, with more states legalizing cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. Despite cannabis being outlawed for many decades, it is impossible to change the way people view the substance. CBD companies must overcome stigma when promoting CBD products online. This will take time.

We Can Help

It takes dedication and a lot of study to overcome the challenges that CBD marketing presents. A digital marketing company like CBD Store Designer can help you promote your CBD / Cannabis / Hemp businesses. Our digital marketing agency is a well-known full-service provider of services. We offer enhanced automation, customization and flexibility, making it easy and profitable to promote your business online. To learn more about our digital marketing services, visit our CBD Marketing Services page.