7 SEO Tips for Cannabis E-Commerce Stores

May 20th, 2022Blog

SEO is a great marketing strategy to increase traffic and sales online.

Marijuana SEO Services are the best organic way to increase sales online, as advertising for marijuana-related businesses continues to be against most terms and conditions.

Optimize Category and Collection Pages

Optimizing your collections or category pages is one of the best ways increasing your ecommerce store traffic. These pages are often overlooked, but when optimized they can generate a lot of traffic and convert well. While most category pages only feature products from the selected category, it is possible to rank your category pages for many relevant terms.

Add Category Descriptions

First, add more text to your category pages.

Many category pages have a low text-to HTML ratio. This makes them rank poorly because search engines only read text. Your category pages can be ranked for more keywords by adding 600-1000 words of additional content. This will create a better user experience and in turn, increase their ranking.

Write a description about your collection or category, including the types of products featured in it. Include a FAQ with any relevant questions. Bonus Tip: You can add a link to your products, or you can add your products ATF (above-the-fold) to avoid confusing visitors that it is a product listing page.

Pagination & Lazy Load

It is still a matter of debate whether pagination or lazy loading is better for the user experience. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as a personal opinion about which one is the best.

Lazy loading is better for SEO and UX. Lazy loading allows you to have one category or collection page per category instead of pagination which can allow for hundreds of pages.

Create in-depth Product pages

Your product pages should be the most important pages of your e-commerce site. You will need to upgrade your product pages in order to rank well in search engines.

Step 1 – Write long form product descriptions

The product pages should contain long-form content that describes each product, similar to category pages. It should be unique and at least 1,000 words. Longer content ranks higher in search engines , and the same goes for product descriptions.

Step 2 – Add Product Videos

Multiple positive outcomes can be achieved by including videos of your products on your product pages.

  • Convert more money
  • Trust builds
  • Increase SEO

You can add videos of users using your product, how you use it, features highlights, or user testimonial videos to increase your product’s conversion and rank better in search engines.

Step 3 – Get Product Reviews on Your Webpage

You will have difficulty ranking or selling your product pages if there are no reviews. People look at reviews these days to decide whether they want to purchase a product. You can build trust and social authority by getting as many reviews on your products as you can. This will also help increase conversion rates.

Your product pages will rank higher in search engines if they have product reviews. Rich snippets and product reviews (which we will discuss later) will help your listing rank higher in search engines. This will increase traffic to your site and make it stand out.

Create relevant educational/blog content

Long-form content, as I have mentioned, can be a great way to rank your e-commerce product pages and category pages. However, you can also create other content to increase traffic to your store. Before you start writing blog posts or articles, do your research on what people are looking for.

Ahrefs is a search engine that allows us to search for the main keyword or service we are looking for. Let’s now go to the content explorer, and search CBD. To get ideas for content that gets traffic, we can sort organic traffic.

Optimized Interlinking

It can be difficult to build links to an online store. Therefore, internal linking is essential to ensure that any link juice is passed throughout your entire site.

It’s a smart idea to include links to your products throughout your website. Do you ever mention your product in blog posts? Include a link to the product page as a text.

WordPress Internal Linking plugins

There are many plugins that can be installed to improve internal linking on WordPress websites. These are some WordPress plugins that allow for internal linking

  • Internal Link Juicer
  • Yoast
  • Rank Math
  • Shopify Interlinking Plugins
  • Shopify allows you to install a variety of plugins that make internal linking in Shopify even more easy.
  • Auto Link SEO
  • Link Whisper
  • Ablestar Link Manager

E-Commerce Schema (Rich Snippets)

Schema tags are able to provide more information about your products to Google and other search engines. We have already mentioned that schema tags are responsible for listing Google listings with price information, review stars and stock information.

Plugins can be used to quickly set up schema tags in your WooCommerce and Shopify stores.

WordPress Schema plugins

These paid and free apps can be used to add schema data to WordPress pages.

  • Schema Pro
  • Schema WooCommerce Plugin
  • Schema App
  • Shopify Schema plugins
  • These paid and free apps can be used to add schema data to Shopify pages.
  • Schema plus for SEO
  • Total Schema
  • SEO, JSON – LD, Schema